Friday, March 9, 2012

Milestone 2 development hosting platforms - 2012 edition

To support the development of Milestone 2 (M2) I updated to most recent tools (as of Q1 2012). All the setup descriptions have been updated on the yafra trac wiki.

Ubuntu Linux
 The current platform is 11.10 with the desktop edition as 64 bit build. As I will not use Adobe Flash (which is still an issue with linux 64bit) or any other special software I can use full advantege of 64 bit. In addition to the standard setup I have chosen Java-Sun JRE and JDK, Mysql Server and Client, Gimp, Chromium, Putty, Filezilla, Adobe Acrobat, Mysql Browser and Admin. I have enable Medibuntu and installed VLC and I have setup the standard Yafra development environment for M2 directly from external resources (I did not install the Eclipse that comes with Ubuntu). In addition I installed Mysql Workbench from

I have chosen Windows 7 64 bit build. I have made a setup as on Ubuntu. Beside Eclipse I use Textpad as a notepad replacement.

On the server side I used a small Ubuntu Server 12.04 LTS within a VMWARE environment and used mysql, derby, tomee and openreports on it.

As a new experiment I started to use a QNAP TS4xx NAS with ipkg and mysql 5.1 and tomee, works pretty well.

For more information on the standard M2 development tools used please see the Wiki.

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