Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Django Python

Well I watched django the western movies but this is certainly something else. Django is a framework based on python, mainly build to serve web pages or services but has some other nice features. I used Aptana Studio which provides pydev and django plugins which make it very easy to setup project and develop with Eclipse. Using python is similar to perl, without modules you can't do real applications, however this is as well the nasty bit as to get the right modules on your OS can be quite tricky. I tried some distributions but I decided to use ActiveState Python as it provides easy access to modules free of charge on Windows. On Unix it is a bit easier but ActiveState is cerntainly a good choice as well. On Windows you have to use the 32bit distribution as the modules for the 64bit are restricted to a valid subscription at ActiveState. Key modules are the database modules and of course Django. After installing them you can move on with Aptana and development. The nice bit is the administration framework and the ORM feature of Django. It is easy to reverse engineer an existing database (like the yafra database) and start off immediately.

A simple python standalone and Django application is available.


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