Sunday, July 25, 2010

Milestone 2 development hosting platforms

To support the development of Milestone 2 (M2) I have chosen 2 development systems.

Ubuntu Linux
The current platform is 10.04 LTS with the desktop edition as 64 bit build. As I will not use Adobe Flash (which is still an issue with linux 64bit) or any other special software I can use full advantege of 64 bit. In addition to the standard setup I have chosen Java-Sun JRE and JDK, Mysql Server and Client, Gimp, Chromium, Putty, Filezilla, Adobe Acrobat, Mysql Browser and Admin. I have enable Medibuntu and installed VLC and I have setup the standard Yafra development environment for M2 directly from external resources (I did not install the Eclipse that comes with Ubuntu). In addition I installed Mysql Workbench from

I have chosen Windows 7 64 bit build. I have made a setup as on Ubuntu. Beside Eclipse I use Textpad as a notepad replacement.

For more information on the standard M2 development tools used please see the Wiki.


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