Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Hi and welcome to yafra.org !

yafra means yet another (different) framework and provides an application framework mainly based around java enterprise technologies but provides as well access to other technologies like microsoft .net.

The system is built around a central database (which can be mysql, derby, oracle, microsoft sql server or others) and the core relies on the ORM solution apache cayenne.

It provides examples for web based solutions as well as fat client solutions.

The main target is to provide technologies applied already with some basic use cases so that some one can jump start to learn those technologies or to simply copy and paste and build his/her own solution. Reuse is not a target as the framework relies on very good frameworks itself however it shall show the use of them playing together making up a business application.

The main source is on sourceforge.net (yafra.sourceforget.net), the homepage is on www.yafra.org and social stuff is within the google world here.

Contributors are welcomed ! Please contact the yafraorg@gmail.com administrator.


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